Once Upon a Milestone - An Original Storybook Tale for Brides-to-Be

Once Upon a Milestone: Your true story becomes a

     Presenting the true-life story of a milestone in the life of someone you know, retold as a fable and bound in an Old English-style book. Each page is cleverly filled with royal families, magic lands and enchanted travels.

     From Once upon a time... to ...happily ever after and everything in between, our writers take factual information you provide to develop a TOTALLY ORIGINAL STORY in fairytale form. 

     Upon approval, your unique manuscript is then typeset in a beautiful storybook font and printed onto antiqued crumpled parchment. The pages are bound together in an 8” x 9” leather look, hardcover book featuring ornately designed borders and embossed gold glitter titles--front and back.

     Our lives are filled with memories and pathways that lead to a momentous event.  Now, you can capture them all in a beautifully designed, cleverly written keepsake that pays an emotional tribute to your honoree(s).  When read aloud, friends and family will laugh, cry and never forget this wonderful treasure.